Host a House Concert

Wanna host a house concert?  I LOVE that idea! In my experience, house concerts have a special way of bringing the magic –  to artists and listeners alike.

A bit about house concerts…

A house concert is a concert in a living room! Or a basement!  Or a backyard! It’s an intimate performance for your friends and family.  This is NOT a party with musicians singing in the corner (that’s something else, and we can talk about that separately!)

I will bring my sound system, my guitar and mic, and maybe an additional musician or two depending on what you’re looking for.  You provide the space, and the audience – beyond that it’s up to you! I’ve done house concerts where there was a delicious potluck and BYOB, or house concerts where the hosts put all their Barefoot Contessa recipes to good use with an elaborate buffet.   And everything in between!

Usually there is some amount of socializing pre-show and then we all settle in for the music.  As a musician I’ve played in all kinds of places, and there is a beauty to each one, but house concerts are this lovely chance to sing the songs I wrote without the accompaniment of a cappuccino machine (ha! Those milk frothers are NOISEY!), and to hear and see what the audience responds to.  They tend to take on the feel of a conversation, rather than a performance. For me, that’s a gift. And hopefully the audience feels the same way. There is little advertising necessary (you’re really just inviting your friends after all) ticket prices can be whatever the artist and host agree upon (usually a $15-20 suggested donation per person), and ideally the audience is between 20-50 guests.

If you’re interested, please fill out the little form below and we can talk about it some more!  

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