Here’s To You

“It’s a triumph. An album of space and restraint, any note played, every word uttered feels perfectly and purposely placed. The album is a beautiful blend of groove and grace, intimacy and entertainment, fun, and feeling. What more could you ask for? “

– Dave Franklin, The Big Takeover




‘Morris ups her John Prine-ian wordplay and continues to shine and soothe like a Norah Jones in Midwestern flannel on vocals’ – Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune
‘a break-out effort, one that ought to garner Morris the acclaim she so decidedly deserves’ – Lee Zimmerman, American Songwriter
‘an album is more than just a voice. Here, once again, the quality of the songwriting is knock-out’ – Dave Franklin, The Big Takeover
“Ms. Morris’ songs take listeners through “conversations” being had by lovers & friends as she walks through an intimate neighborhood of characters while navigating a lush backdrop. “You + I,” is superb in that regard.” – John Apice, Americana Highways
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