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AHHHH!   Friends!  I am so thrilled (and a wee bit nervous) to be here!  Telling you about this album that I am making, and asking you to help me bring it to completion!

Me! As photographed by my 4 year old!
Me! As photographed by my 4 year old!

In case you don’t know me, here’s the story:  I’ve always been a musician, but for the last 8 years I’ve also been a stay at home mom to two very lovely tiny humans!  At first, the Mom/Musician combo meant that I wasn’t writing new material but THEN in 2014 I joined a group of complete strangers on FB in a song-a-week writing challenge and it changed my life.  The rules of the challenge were that you needed to write a song and post a video of you singing the song by the end of the week.  I discovered that there is acoustic MAGIC in singing in my green bathroom!  In the last 3 years I have written over 90 songs and made 90 song videos, putting these songs out into the world literally the MOMENT they were done being written.

In 2015 I recorded an album, Ordinary Things, and with a bit of crowdfunding help/magic, I was able to promote that album on a national scale, I ran my very own radio campaign, and began touring regionally.  I was a finalist in 2 national songwriting competitions.  And all the while I kept writing writing writing.

In July of 2016, I wrote the song, “Hearts In Need Of Repair” for the songwriting challenge.  Immediately I had a flash – THIS is the heart of a new record.

I’ve always been drawn to music where the words make me feel understood.  Heard.  Songs that made me feel less alone.  And over the last few years, people have reached out to me to say that my songs have done that for them!  That both blows my mind and fills me up in the very best way.

I could see a thread within the songs – songs that spoke to feeling vulnerable (which I WAS FEELING), to longing for connection, to searching for something more.  I took these songs to my longtime bandmates, Thomas Nordlund, Andrew Foreman, and Zach Schmidt, and we began arranging them, and in May 2017 we went back to RiverRock Studios to record with Eric Blomquist.  And boy oh boy!  I LOVE what we have made!  I believe you will LOVE what we have made!

The band!!! I love them!
The band!!! I love them!

As you may know, making an album is expensive.

  • Studio time
  • the musicians,
  • mixing
  • mastering
  • manufacturing
  • artwork
  • local promotion

This all adds up really fast!  Making the album costs just around $12,000 for just those things I’ve mentioned.  I’ve covered the first half of the fees and I am asking you to be a part of completing this album.  While that scares the pants off of me, I also think there’s a little magic in all of this.  If you’ve watched my videos and commented, or shared, or come to a show, you’re already a part of this album, truly!   I couldn’t have even come this far without that engagement!

I’ve already set a release date – I mean I am ALL IN ON THIS!  Mark your calendars for November 10th!  It’s my birthday and I can think of no better way to celebrate than by releasing this whole-hearted-blood-sweat-and-tears creation out in to the universe!  I’d really love it if you’d pre-order the album, or back at a higher level and get some homemade bread!  Or listen to the album in the studio!  Or party with me at the release!

THANK YOU!  For reading this, for (maybe) sharing this, for listening to my songs, for coming to shows, for being a part of this crazy and lovely and wonderful music-making experience!



The songs on the album! I got art-y with it!
The songs on the album! I got art-y with it!


Risks and challenges

I waited to start the kickstarter until the album was near completion, so at this point, the risks are minimal (as long as the album is funded!!!)

The album still needs to be mastered, manufactured, and promoted – I’m working with people I’ve worked with in the past and they are each talented and prompt! What a combo! I guess if EVERYONE orders the Bake It Off package, there could be a little delay in me getting the baked goods to everyone before the November release, but I’m not too concerned 🙂

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